Digital Strategy and Transformation



During the Covid19 pandemic, we transformed an events management company from delivering on-stage talks to audience, into a fully automated studio via Zoom. This including seamless online booking, payment and attendance. The speaker is surrounded by a 1000+ listeners and is being broadcasted to their home & phone screens.


In 2022, one of our customers took a bold move to implement our proposed strategy of booking and selling legal services online as well as consulting via Zoom and Chat, thus bridging the gap between companies and individuals from one side and legal firms from the other. Other legal offices are now following the trend.


In 2021, ITE developed a comprehensive digital transformation strategy for an investment group in UAE that included a major shift to the cloud, implementing SAAS in BUs, systems integration as well as detailed analytics. A shift that set this group ahead of its competition.

Our Approach to Driving a Digital Transformation

Where the company stands

Where it wants to go

Assess people, technology & data

Assess industry trends & disruptions

Tie digital to business outcomes & goals

The Drivers

We will help you define the main factors that will increase the odds of success in your digital transformation journey.

Customer Expectations

Customers in today’s market have high expectations and, if your company can’t satisfy them, they’ll churn and move on to the next company that can.

Attracting best talent

In any organization, employees matter just as much as customers. Attracting and retaining young talent hinges on creating a great workplace experience.

Cost Control

Transforming digitally reduces costs by automating manual, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks. It also removes the inefficiencies that drain resources

Digital Disruption

Advance or stay behind. Decision makers are shifting their mindset to make advances in digital transformation or risk suffering financially.

Emerging Technologies

Identifying and adopting the right technology to suit your organization’s requirements is key to creating an effective digital transformation strategy.

Need for speed

Considering the current pace of digital transformation, it has become imperative to get ahead with it to beat the competition and survive in the industry.

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