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At ITE, we lead genuine users to your pages to generate real engagement and conversions for your brand.


Brand Awareness as the most important goal in a marketing strategy. The metric consists of the audience knowledge of your company. The Brand Awareness objective is for advertisers who want to show ads to people who are more likely to recall them.


If you want to increase traffic to your website or a landing page, ITE will design and create ads that reach people who may click on the link and can help increase awareness of a specific web page.


Lead generation ad is an ad type where you can collect data about people who clicked on your ads (potential customers). Data that businesses typically like to collect includes a name, email address and contact number.


Video Ads enables you to display video ads in the YouTube search results or before, during, and after videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network. With Video Ads, we can target specific channel and video viewers.

Conversion and Sales

Paid Ads increases sales by telling potential and current customers about your new product launches, special offers and improvements. Furthermore, it helps create a distinctive brand for your business.

Social Engagement

Actively engaging with your customers on social media is an easy and viable way to make each and every one of your customers feel special all the time.

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