Sectors we Served

Since its launch, ITE was able to develop, enhance and guide well-designed business strategies via technology where our diverse backgrounds helped us leap into multiple sectors with ease, while portraying and presenting innovative, cultural, and technological strategies to the market need.

Here is a list of some of the different sectors we served:

Gym, Spa & Sports Membership

Multiple sport facilities joined forces with ITE troops in an effort to help customers subscribe and pay for memberships online.

Recruitment agencies

Through competence, ITE was able to develop a list of recruitment websites in Abu Dhabi for Job Listing and Automated Applications.

Consultants and contractors

ITE troops wore their orange helmets and dug into developing, enhancing, and maintaining an excellent list of informative websites which in return generated a potential client approach, leading to stock increase for both our shares.

Education, Courses, Schools & Nurseries

ITE had another pleasure to join forces with the educational sector in an attempt to empower the young generation. We helped in building and automating course listing and subscription to various schools & nurseries.

Retail and Shopping

Ever since the COVID pandemic, online shopping skyrocketed, leading ITE to build and operate enhanced and interactive E-commerce websites to multiple online retail outlets.

Holding Companies and Groups

Through exquisite web design and development, ITE knitted a knot by knot list of informative CMS-driven websites for Holdings and Groups in Abu Dhabi and the Region.

Classified Engines

ITE Built and operated multiple classified engines in UAE and the region for rooms, facilities, cars and more

Interior Designers

Niche interior design studios in UAE seeked ITE’s help to design and develop a list of informative CMS-driven websites for their work.